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After-School Programs

Over 75,000 students in the Bay Area participate in after school programs where they learn to be productive, navigate challenges successfully and build positive relationships with their peers and adults.

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) believes in providing a fun, nurturing environment where students can improve and develop academic skills, interests, and personal growth. All their after school programs are guided by BACR Best Practices.

BACR offers structured academic support and enrichment activities for at least 150 days (three hours a day) throughout the school year. Programs are provided in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Francisco counties.

BACR serves the following Oakland schools:

  • Alliance Academy (middle)
  • Bridges Academy (elementary)
    Bunche Continuation High
  • Claremont Middle
  • Elmhurst Community Prep (middle)
  • Emerson Elementary
  • Emiliano Street Academy Alternative High
  • Esperanza Academy (elementary)
  • Fred T. Korematsu Elementary
  • Glenview Elementary
  • Global Family Elementary
  • Grass Valley Elementary
  • Greenleaf Academy
  • Hoover Elementary
  • Howard Elementary
  • Lafayette Elementary
  • James Madison Middle
  • Markham Elementary
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
  • Melrose Academy (middle)
  • Oakland Tech High
  • Place @ Prescott Elementary
  • Reach Academy Elementary
  • Rudsdale Continuation High
  • Sankofa Academy
  • Urban Promise Academy (middle)

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