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Coordination of Services Team (COST)

Coordination of Services Team, also known as COST, is a team of staff members who come together eon a biweekly basis to discuss how the school is providing additional services to our at risk students. The goal of COST is to coordinate school-wide efforts focused on making sure students come to school every day, are in good health, are performing well academically, and are developing the social/emotional skills necessary to be successful in school and life. COST accepts referrals from teachers, staff, and families to discuss and provide additional supports for students that are struggling to achieve in school.

COST Team:

  • Elizabeth Brenum, School-Based Clinician
  • Senogavelli Pillay, Resource Specialist
  • Marie Roberts, Principal
  • Amanda Hardwick, School Psychologist
  • Nathalie Umaña, Community School Manager & COST Coordinator

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT)

Brookfield's Instructional Leadership Team, also known as ILT, is composed of a team of teacher leaders focused on improving instruction at Brookfield for all students. ILT members are selected as leaders that represent each grade level. These leaders also serve as a coordinator for their grade level. Our school is commited to meet the needs of all students, and the Brookfield ILT is taking a close look at how teachers' actions and planning influence student learning.

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)

Brookfield's Parent Teacher organization (PTO) is a is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in the school and partners with the school to help our children learn, grow and become responsible contributing citizens for today and for tomorrow. The exact duties of PTO vary from school to school, but we focus on hosting many special events, programs and fundraising activities during the school year. Our goal in hosting these events is to bring together the Brookfield community, including students, teachers, parents, administration, staff, and the neighborhood.

School Site Council (SSC)

Brookfield's School Site Council, also known as SSC, is made up of 3 parents, 3 teachers, and 1 administrator. SSC meets monthly to discuss and make decisions on the school budget and the school site plan.